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Drought Update

California is in a serious drought emergency. Stanford is asking all customers to reduce their outdoor watering to no more than two days per week. Learn about Stanford’s actions and how you can help at our drought webpage

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About Us

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The Water Resources and Civil Infrastructure (WRCI) Group is within Sustainability & Energy Management, in the Land, Buildings and Real Estate Department

The Group consists of an Engineering team, a Water Planning & Stewardship team, and a Water Shop team. The WRCI Group is responsible for the engineering, operation, and maintenance of the water distribution, storm drainage system, sanitary sewer system, roads, bridges, and dams; with a focus on sustainability. The water systems include domestic (potable), lake (for irrigation), and alternative water supplies. Components include wells, reservoirs, pump stations, and creek diversion facilities, in addition to pipe networks. The Stanford civil infrastructure systems are comparable in size and complexity to those of a medium-size city or district.

Contact Us

Meet the Water Resources & Civil Infrastructure Group

Tom Zigterman

Senior Director of Water Resources & Civil Infrastructure

Water Business Systems Team

 Sandra Heredia

Manager of Water Business Systems

Yvette Markett, Administrative Associate

Yvette Markett

Administrative Associate

Galen Cheung

Water Data Analyst

Jenn Fitch 2022

Jenn Fitch

Water Systems Administrative Support

The Engineering Team

Rosa Kelly

Civil Infrastructure Project Engineer

Adam Slusser

Water Operations Engineer

Gilbert Hernandez, Construction Manager and Inspector

Gilbert Hernandez

Construction Manager and Inspector

The Water Planning & Stewardship Team

Contact the WP&S team by sending an email to or by reaching out to one of our team members below:

Julia Nussbaum

Associate Director of Water Planning & Stewardship

Brian Manning, Senior Environmental Engineer / Scientist

Brian Manning

Senior Environmental Engineer / Scientist

Kara Baker

Environmental Engineer

Erica Kudyba

Environmental Engineer

The Water Shop Team

Richard Souza, Water Shop Supervisor

Richard Souza

Water Shop Supervisor

Dino Campagna

Water Shop Lead Technician

David Birnie

Water Shop Technician

Ken Wittkop

Water Shop Technician

Chris Sicchio

Water Shop Technician

Bill Dennis

Water Shop Technician

Rodney Alexander

Water Shop Technician

Danny Rushing

Water Shop Technician

Ken Tu

Water Shop Technician

Kenneth Fox

Water Shop Technician