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Water mizer
Gilbert Hall

Water Mizers for Autoclaves

14 new water mizers were installed on autoclaves in Gilbert Hall in 2014.

Saved over 2.5 million gallons in the first year, a reduction of over 70%

Water efficient faucet
Medical School Office Building

Indoor Fixture Replacement

15 toilets, 3 urinals, and 18 lavatory faucets were replaced with high efficiency models.

Saved almost 200,000 gallons in the first year, a reduction of 44%

R&DE staff using newly installed weather-based irrigation controller
Residential & Dining Enterprises

Irrigation Equipment Upgrade

In 2015, R&DE received a joint rebate of approximately $360,000 from Valley Water and Stanford Utilities to upgrade 90 irrigation controllers to weather-based models, install 70 flow sensors and master valves, and replace over 20,000 sprinkler heads and nozzles.

Reduced water use by over 33 million gallons or 46% compared to 2013

Weather-based irrigation controller
School of Medicine

Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers

The Water Efficiency Program worked with School of Medicine to pilot test weather-based irrigation controllers at 3 sites (SIM 1, CCSR, and LKSC). Controllers automatically adjust for weather/rain and can be adjusted remotely by computer or smart phone. In addition to saving water, the project reduced the amount of time landscape staff spend onsite.

Saved 1.9 million gallons in the first year (5,186 gallons per day) across the three test sites, a reduction of 26%