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Frequently Asked Questions

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About My Bill

Who do I contact about billing questions?

Call the Water Information Line at 650-725-8030 or email us at

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Why is my water use high?

If your water use is higher than normal you should check your home and meter for leaks. If you see the meter moving when no water is being used you may have a leak in your home or irrigation. Single family home residents may also check for leak alerts through their WaterSmart Portal. For specific information/questions, call the Water Shop at 650-723-1300

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Where is my water meter? How do I read my meter?

Close-up of water meter

Your water meter is located in front of your house near the street. Click here for information on how to read your water meter. For specific information about your home, call the Water Shop at 650-723-1300

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Why are my rates going up?

This video explains why your rates may be going up and that your money is being used to invest in the system by replacing and upgrading aging pipes and investing in new technologies - like smart meters and leak detection.

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Water Quality

How do I find out about my water quality? Who do I call if I have questions?

Hetch Hetchy Reservoir

Call the Water Information Line at 650-725-8030 or email us at for questions or concerns about water quality. Visit the Contact Us page for more ways to get in touch.

Our Drinking Water page has additional information about water quality, including our annual water quality reports and water quality updates.

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Who do I contact if I notice changes in my water's taste/odor/color?

Call the Water Information Line at 650-725-8030 or email us at

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Why is water flushed during water quality sampling?

To purge any stagnant water from the sample port so a representative sample of the distribution system can be collected.

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What is Lake Water?

See information about Lake Water (i.e. non-potable irrigation water) on our Lake Water page

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Water Restrictions at Home

What are the current watering restrictions?

For current drought information and Stanford specific watering restrictions visit our Drought page

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Can I pressure wash?

Pressure washing with domestic water is not allowed unless it is a health and safety concern.

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Available Programs and Rebates

How do I get a rebate for a water conservation project?

Douglas iris at the Water-wise Garden

For questions on water rebates or water conservation projects visit our Water Efficiency Rebates page

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Construction Projects

How do I get my utility lines marked prior to construction projects?

Contact Underground Service Alert (U.S.A.) at 811 or 1-800-227-2600 a minimum of 48 hours (two working days) prior to excavating.

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Water Waste

Who do I contact to report flooding or water waste?

Civil engineer Joe Kearney, left, works with Water Systems Tech Jack Kearns to locate the valve that will shut off the geyser that started after a truck backed over a fire hydrant near the corner of Via Ortega and Campus Drive West. Credit: Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

Call LBRE Operations (24 hour maintenance customer service) line at 650-723-2281

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If I have water I need to dispose of, how do I know where I can dump it?

Submit the Planned Discharge Form to the Water Planning & Stewardship team

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What can I dump down the storm drain?

Storm drain stencil with words "No dumping, drains to Bay"

Dumping to the storm drain is not permitted, only rain goes down the storm drain

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