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Sewer manhole cover

Wastewater at Stanford

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Stanford’s wastewater is conveyed through its sanitary sewer system to Palo Alto sewer lines and is ultimately treated at the Palo Alto Regional Water Quality Control Plant on the north side of Palo Alto.

Sewer manhole with Hoover Tower in background

The sanitary sewer system consists of 43 miles of pipe and is managed by the Water Resources and Civil Infrastructure (WRCI) Group within the Sustainability and Energy Management Department.

Within the WRCI group, the Water Planning & Stewardship (WP&S) team works with faculty, students, researchers, food service establishments, and other campus facilities staff and contractors to ensure their awareness of the regulatory requirements and best management practices that protect wastewater quality, prevent sewer blockages, and ensure compliance. Wastewater monitoring by both the Palo Alto Regional Water Quality Control Plant staff and Stanford's WP&S staff ensures the program’s effectiveness. Through its management practices, Stanford’s wastewater pollution prevention program assures regulatory compliance and environmental stewardship.

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