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Stormwater Capture

Sand Hill Fields

The soccer facilities at Sand Hill Fields are part of the West Campus Stormwater Detention Facility

Stanford University is now capturing stormwater and irrigation runoff as an alternate water source to supplement the non-potable irrigation system. This practice of runoff capture is driven by requirements for stormwater quality treatment following redevelopment. These facilities satisfy the stormwater requirements by capturing stormwater runoff during small storm events, 2-year and smaller, as well as irrigation runoff during dry periods. These regional facilities are more cost effective to operate and maintain than typical bioretention (which typically have been distributed around each new facility).

At the runoff intercept facilities, captured runoff is routed by a diversion structure to a basin, filtered, and pumped through the non-potable irrigation (lake water) system to Felt Lake Reservoir for future irrigation on Stanford property. The captured runoff is metered for tracking with the other sources that contribute to the lake water system.

This additional water supply supplements other local supplies and reduces stormwater impacts to local surface waters, while providing regional stormwater management that satisfies requirements for new development and re-development on campus.

To learn more about stormwater facilities at Stanford, take a virtual tour.

West Campus Stormwater Detention Facility

West Campus Stormwater Detention Facility

The West Campus Stormwater Detention Facility consists of two basins that also serve as a soccer field and sand volleyball court.

East Campus Stormwater Capture Facility

The East Campus Stormwater Capture Facility has an operational storage basin that also serves as an archery practice field.

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